SOC end’d last night, and a last minute savior from my ever helping mentor Andreas, I get some Highlighting working. And yes i got screenshots to paste.

Just a week back, I had no clue if i might be able to complete at least a basic highlighting working, and with my mentor Andreas being away for a week, things appeared difficult. Some real help from co-programmers on Kdevelop channel helped me nderstand the things better. I doubt, if still i understood them completely πŸ˜‰

And i was nearly ready with the codes which i expected to work, and a small work around from andreas ensured they indeed worked, and things didn’t go in vain.

Code Highlighting is working at a very basic level [ The screen shots might narrate that better].


No screen shots posted for quite a while. The Last Phase of the project has been tough, and i am sweating hard, to earn every pride associated with its accomplishment….Yeah Yeah! some money as well πŸ˜›

I am currently working with creating a Definition Use Chain for Python, which once gets done the editor jobs should be pretty easy to accomplish, I thought it to be relatively easier but what i had pre-assumed that it already existed for Ruby another languages was not correct, it only exists for C++ and it took me almost a week to understand the basic structure of what was to be done and How.

Python plug-in seems to be getting in shape, no predictions on future of the project, but with SOC deadline approaching, the only option i am left with is to “Anyhow, Make It Work.”

We are done with an editor integrator for Python like it existed for CPP, and the current job is to design a context builder, which is nearly half way done.

Hope i come with a screen shot soon.Β  πŸ™‚

Day 5: another slog till 4 AM last night, Another day of illness. But it seems like paying now.

Just a few small lilltle changes to the code, as per they had been done for C++ & Ruby, i try doing the same & here are the results. The File is loading up and it is parsing it in the Background and displaying the result as well. This deserved a “woohoo, how did i do it?”.

The Code is still far away from being good, as it crashes kdevelop if the new file seems some newline error just before the EOF token, sounds weird but it is happening. So here can be a first working screenshot of the Python Plug-in. Kdevelop4kdev4-python3.jpg

Day 3 into the Plug-in work for Kdevelop4. And i still find myself crawling, but only till last night.

My mentor gave me a very Wise advice, of seriously looking into the api-docs, before blindly copy-pasting it. Sounds hurting at first shot, but can be really helpful if you are ready accepting comments. And here i was, writing it entirely of my own,

Goals Reduced, deadlines extended & Pressure eased…and by the end of morning, i could handsomely grasp the idea behind intended. And i added a parseclass to the plugin which could handle request on loading a Python file. The Plugin loads the ParseClass whenever it encounters a .py file.

Upcoming tasks:

1. Extend the ParseClass beyond kdebug().

2. Make the ParseClass parse the code and display, any Success or Failure .


Just like my mentor(Andreas Pakulat), i decided i will paste a bit of my SOC work here. πŸ™‚

Here’s the first snapshot of the python plug-in being a part of kdevelop4. I Parsed a small file, and it printed the required kDebug messages on the konsole in backdrop. Nothing of a Deja-Vu although, but after i found myself struggling heavily in this stage of the project whereΒ  i found it difficult to make pace, the first sign of things working , deserved a sigh.

Andreas’ been really helpful and does take out time every time; to resolve all my doubts and bugs, some obvious and many others just a bit Foolish πŸ™‚ Last Night i woke him up till 4AM to get this plug-in working. Which obviously he saw it working last night itself, but I was again struggling till today afternoon. As days pass, the Tasks start getting tougher and i hope to post more of the good work.

Python Plugin for Kdevelop4


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